Volunteering FAQs

Where can I volunteer in London?

There are many London based charity and voluntary organisations that need help from volunteers. They work with homeless people, individuals with disabilities, seniors, disadvantaged children, animals, etc.. If you need some ideas, please read our “List of a Few Charity and Voluntary Organisations in London”. But if you have a particular organisation in mind, you can also contact them and tell them that you would like to volunteer for them.

Can I choose where I want to volunteer?

Yes, you can choose where you want to volunteer. In fact, you should volunteer only for an organisation that shares your values. Keep in mind, however, that there may be special requirements for some volunteer roles.

How long do I have to volunteer?

It all depends on you. You can volunteer only occasionally but you can also make volunteering a long term commitment. Start with an hour or two per week and you will see how it will fit into your schedule.

Can I volunteer if I am under-age?

There are any age restrictions for volunteers which means that you can volunteer no matter how old or young you are. Some organisations, however, do have a policy concerning age and may refuse you for some volunteer roles.

Do I need prior experience or training?

This depends on where you would like to volunteer and what volunteer role you have in mind. Having prior experience or knowledge for the desired volunteer role most certainly helps. But there are also many volunteer roles that do not require any prior knowledge or experience, while some organisations provide training for their volunteers.

What if I decide to quit volunteering?

The name volunteering says it all – there are no obligations and you are free to leave whenever you want. Keep in mind, however, that many people depend on you as a volunteer. If you feel unhappy with your volunteer role or if it is affecting your everyday activities, talk to your manager or supervisor either to help you find another role or to find a replacement for you so that those who need help will continue to receive it.

Are there any expenses involved?

Charity and voluntary organisations usually cover expenses for transportation and meals but it all depends on the agreement you have reached with the organisation.

How do I apply for a volunteer role?

Simply contact the organisation for which you would like to volunteer via telephone or email. They will tell you how to apply in detail.