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CSV Education for Citizenship Publications


Active Learning for Citizenship & PSHE (Key Stages 1&2) CD-Rom Resource. £11.99

This new resource from CSV supports the teaching and learning of active citizenship in primary schools and comes in CD-ROM format with a number of downloadable PDFs. This makes for quick retrieval and photocopying of activities and related worksheets.

Click here for further information.

CSV Reports On...Citizenship Through Participation and Responsible Action Free PDF download

CSV published report on the lessons learnt from providing a decade of active citizenship at 900 schools through its Barclays New Futures programme.

The model for active citizenship which has involved more than 120,000 students over the last ten years could provide a blueprint for helping young people reduce tensions in divided communities in the future.

Click here to download report.

uPeer Final Evaluation Report

uPeer is a mentoring project whereby students in post-16 education are trained to assist other students who may benefit from one-to-one support. The aim of uPeer was to use the skills and qualities of young people to support others to raise their achievements, increase self-esteem and motivate them to continue their education. Read more about the project in the final evaluation report.


SHINE Annual Report

In the second year of the CSV Learning Together with SHINE project, 132 Year 5 and 6 pupils from schools in Greenwich, Hackney, Haringey and Southwark received support in literacy, numeracy and/or ICT from 81 student volunteers. The volunteers were recruited from four London Universities.


Involving young people in identifying ways of gathering their views on the curriculum

This report sets out to explore through discussions with school students of various ages in various settings how their perceptions of aspects of the curriculum might best be elicited.


CSV Education Summer 2005 Newsletter Free

This edition focuses on the Year of the Volunteer awards, citizenship teacher resources, mentoring and ementoring, and sheds light on a new care leaver's project in Islington, London.

View it here.

Active Citizenship (replaces Discovering Citizenship) 35.00

An innovative and straightforward resource based on CSV's work. The book enables teachers to promote active learning, helping young people become affective citizens through meeting real needs in the school and wider community.

Available from: Bookpoint Ltd, Hodder & Stoughton Educational, Direct Services, FREEPOST OF 1488, Abingdon, Oxon, OX14 4YY. Telephone: 01235 827720

Active Citizenship in Schools by John Potter £22.49

Based on CSV’s extensive experience, this book provides the support needed by schools developing citizenship and community learning links as an active part of their curriculum.

Point-by-point advice is richly illustrated by national case studies and experiences, covering peer learning, community service, environmental work, intergenerational projects and initiatives to develop communities and schools through the arts, sciences and sports.

Published 2002, A5, 310pp

Absolutely No Limits edited by Melanie Elkan & Mandy Greenfield £30.00

This folder of materials is a guide to the many issues surrounding volunteering in schools. It provides a wealth of practical guidance for school staff and is a valuable resource both for those who already work with volunteers and those who plan to. Materials for training volunteers and volunteer mentors are also included. The guide describes how schools can design community volunteering schemes to meet their specific needs and provides a framework for evaluation.

Published 1998, A4, 116pp, ISBN 0-907829-93-7

The Why & How of Citizenship Education by John Potter £2.00

The booklet provides and introduction for teachers and policy makers on the purposes and practice ofcitizenship education. It sets out the benefits of citizenship education through active learning in the community.

Published 1999, A5, 24pp

Citizenship Education and the Role of Local Government by John Potter £2.00

This paper traces the links between the agenda for citizenship education in schools and the developing agenda for citizenship in local government. The report argues that the two agendas are complementary and that the time has come for action to promote active citizenship through partnerships between schools and their local communities.

Published 1998, A5, 24pp

Life Skills Training Manual £13.15

The resource pack provides the foundation for a complete life and social skills programme. It covers areas including personal, family, community, work and leisure life.

Published 1979, A4, 95pp, ISBN 0-907829-97-X

Call Us by Our Names by Kevin Ford & Phillip Hope £11.90

This resource pack, including a video, aims to develop knowledge and understanding of people with different learning abilities and a range of personal, social, literacy and numeracy skills.

Published 1991, A4, 71pp, ISBN 0-907829-08-2

Life after 60: Growing Old in Britain Today £12.50

This pack investigates issues associated with elderly people today in a way that is relevant to young people. It encourages young people to examine their attitudes to old age and to bridge the generation gap by helping older people in the community.

Published 1988, A4, 131pp, ISBN 0-907829-02-3

Video in View by Jim Mulligan & John Westwood £8.78

Based on the innovative work of students at Mayfield High school, this set shows how video making can be a powerful stimulus to citizenship and can benefit the school and local community.

Published 1994, A5, 52pp and video, ISBN 0-907829-43-0

A Guide to Community Service Learning £2.00

Based on the innovative work of students at Mayfield High school, this set shows how video making can be a powerful stimulus to citizenship and can benefit the school and local community.

Published 1996, A5, 12pp

Making Links: Learning Through Community Service in the Secondary School £2.00

A guide to the connection between community service learning, inspection and the taught and whole curriculum. It offers a simple way to make an initial audit of service learning undertaken in the school.

Published 1996, A5, 22pp

Take Part! by Jim Mulligan £12.59

A practical handbook for teachers on organising community action projects in primary, secondary and special schools. Case studies demonstrate how all school students can acquire good habits of citizenship through service to the community.

Published 1995, A4, 100pp, ISBN 0-907829-89-9

Partnership: Community Links through School & Council £6.35

This book shows how, with the help of council employee volunteers and teachers, and the support of the City Council and CSV, young people in 16 Birmingham primary schools contributed to their local communities.

Published 1995, A5, 70pp, ISBN 0-907829-29-5

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Peer Aid

The Peer Aid Book by Amanda Brodala with Jim Mulligan 22.98

The Peer Aid Book, produced in association with the Ibis Trust, is a realistic, non-prescriptive approach to running young people's peer education projects. Peer education works as an effective strategy for tackling health, relationships and social justice issues. The book provides project profiles from 35 schools, guidelines on setting up a Peer Aid project and advice on training and evaluation.

Published 1999, A4, 412pp ISBN 0-907829-74-0

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Tutoring and Mentoring

Learning Together: Research and Evaluation Papers on Pupil Aspirations and Student Skills 9.25

A collection of evaluation and research papers on student tutoring in the UK. An experienced research team consider pupil aspirations, tutors development of cognitive and transferable skills, and effects on classroom roles.

Published 1995, A4, 164pp, ISBN 0-907829-99-6

Learning Together: the Added Value of Student Tutors Volunteering in Schools 12.95

This volume brings together the experience of participants in student tutoring at every level. It illustrates student tutoring activities and discusses issues including benefits tp participants, accreditation and quality assurance.

Published 1995, A4, 184pp, ISBN 0-907829-99-6

Learning Together: Good Practice Guide 18.00

A practical how-to guide for student tutoring co-ordinators and everyone involved in student tutoring. The Guide includes sections for co-ordinators and student tutors as well as comprehensive appendices.

Published 1997, A4, 96pp

Reading Together: Promoting Literacy, Citizenship and Peer Learning 2.00

This briefing paper describes the CSV Reading Together initiative, a paired reading scheme. The scheme is designed to enable young people-under the supervision of teachers to improve their social and reading skills through helping others to read, understand and appreciate books. The initiative sets out to combine literacy education with skills for life, work and citizenship.

Published 1999, A5, 22pp

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Environment, Enterprise & Health

Your School in Your Environment 6.75

This book describes environmental projects undertaken by pupils at nine infant, primary and secondary schools around the U.K. and incorporates a framework for infusing environmental community work into the curriculum.

Published 1995, A5, 53pp, ISBN 0-907829-44-9

Chemistry of Change: primary Schools and Community Enterprise in Cleveland by Jim Mulligan 6.75

A detailed description of how children at 12 Cleveland primary schools, supported by a grant from a local company Tioxide, learnt about environment and community issues whilst making a difference in their local area.

Published 1987, A4, 90pp, ISBN 0-907829-90-2

Community Enterprise in Higher Education: A Learning Partnership for the 1990s 5.75

This publication describes frameworks for student community enterprise schemes and outlines their benefits to students and community alike. Three detailed studies demonstrate the practical implications of such programmes.

Published 1994, A4, 36pp

Student Community Partnerships in Higher Education 25.00

Demonstrating the work of the newly formed Council for Citizenship and Learning in the Community (CCLC), this timely and practical book provides a well documented account of how trail blazing institutions are creating opportunities for students to develop skills for life and work through assessed projects which address real community needs.

Published 2000, A4, 112pp

Here's Health: Health Services and Alternatives 12.50

An introductory action based resource pack investigating the full range of health care services. It enables young people to develop a broad concept of health and to take action to promote good health at an individual and community level.

Published 2000, A4, 112pp

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