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Organisations supporting Citizenship Education


The Specialist Schools Trust website is dedicated to supporting the people who work in Specialist Schools and schools Affiliated to the Trust. The site aims to focus on schools' needs at subject and regional levels, and offer advice and resources relevant to current educational issues.


Thinking Education is education that puts thinking & communication skills, reflective practice, and the 'community of learners' at the heart of learning and teaching.


The Active Citizenship Centre website was launched to promote and exchange information on increasing community involvement and to promote research that demonstrates the value of civil renewal and inform policymaking in this area.

The Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT)

The recently formed professional association for those involved in teaching and supporting citizenship education.

CSV Education for Citizenship

CSV Education for Citizenship has produced a number of resources to assist teachers, students and their community partners in implementing active citizenship. CSV Education for Citizenship specialises in citizenship education through community involvement, and provides materials and training.

Citizenship Foundation

Advice and support for citizenship education in schools. The Foundation encourages an understanding of the rights and duties of citizenship, the working of the political, social, and legal systems and the democratic process.


citizED is a TTA funded project focussed on citizenship teacher education. It seeks to develop the professional knowledge of citizenship education teachers through research and development in professional learning./p>

Institute for Citizenship

Materials and resources with an emphasis on democratic processes and political literacy and a European dimension.

The Hansard Society

Understanding how parliamentary democracy works and engaging the citizens of the future in the democratic process.

School Councils UK

School Councils UK is recognised as Britain's most experienced training and support agency in the area of school and class councils.

ESSA Student Voice

ESSA is working to become the representative body for secondary students in England. It aims to support students in expressing their views about education by providing workshops and a network of support with other secondary school students.

Education Extra

Education Extra provides advice, support and good practice to schools, LEAs, partner organisations, regarding out of school hours activities or "study support".

Citizens Connection

CitizensConnection.net is the UK's biggest website for people who want to take the lead for the good of their community, the professional world or society as a whole.

Time for Citizenship

Primary Schools Citizenship website.

Learning Through Landscapes

Learning through Landscapes is the National School Grounds Charity. We work with schools, early years settings, organisations and individuals across the country to help them improve and develop their grounds.


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Other possibilities

Many national organisations have their regional offices listed on their websites. If you have had trouble finding an organisation in your area with which to work here are a few extra ideas which you might want to follow up.

Local Government

Local Government has a wealth of community information, much of which can be accessed through their individual websites. Most of the addresses are on this database. You may, however, like to access a complete list of local government website addresses through www.open.gov.uk , which is the first entry point to UK public sector information on the Internet. Another useful website for local government information is www.oultwood.com


Libraries also hold databases of local community organisations either in hard copy or often on their own websites.

The Regional Arts Council

The Regional Arts Council website has information on the local and regional arts organisations, many of whom often have innovative ways of introducing issues to students. Most regional arts councils also have their own websites.

Qualifications and Curriculum Authority - QCA

The QCA has responsibility for developing and reviewing Citizenship and PSHE in the school curriculum, and for accrediting qualifications.

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National Government

Active Community Unit - Home Office

The Active Community Unit aims to promote all forms of voluntary activity and community involvement and to support a healthy and cost effective voluntary and community sector.


Connexions is the UK government's strategy to ensure every young person gets the best start in life.

Department of Education and Skills

The DfES has overall responsibility for education and employment policies.

Department of Health

The Electoral Commission

The Electoral Commission aim to increase public confidence in the democratic process within the United Kingdom - and encourage people to take part - by modernising the electoral process, promoting public awareness of electoral matters and regulating political parties.

Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

This includes: The Regional Co-ordination Unit, The Government Offices in the Regions, The DPM's Central Policy Group and The Social Exclusion Unit. The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister will also take on new responsibilities for housing, planning, regeneration and regional and local services from the DTLR.

National Grid for Learning

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Volunteering Organisations

CSV - Volunteering opportunities for all

National Association of Volunteer Bureaux


National Centre for Volunteering

Councils for Voluntary Service


Citizens Advice Bureaux

The Do-It Website

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Education Business Partnerships (EBP)

Business in the Community

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Youth Information

National Youth Agency

Youth Information


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