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Guidelines for Good Practice

We hope you will find the following notes and check lists useful in developing your schemes of work. Each document can be downloaded as a separate PDF file.

PDF icon A Quick Guide to the Context of Community Involvement (PDF link)

These are short notes on key background topics:

  1. Why community involvement is an essential strand of citizenship education
  2. The distinction between community service and "community service learning" (community involvement)
  3. The three strands of citizenship education
  4. The purpose and characteristics of community involvement
  5. The school context

PDF icon A Check List of Success Factors for Community Involvement (PDF link)

A set of check lists and notes on the success factors for community involvement. These include:

  1. The importance of explicit support for community involvement
  2. The success factors for good practice
  3. A methodology for active learning in the community
  4. A check list for quality community involvement
  5. A check list for developing community partnerships
  6. Celebration and accreditation of pupils' learning and achievements

PDF icon The National Curriculum (PDF link)

A brief summary of the Programmes of Study for citizenship education at Key Stages 3 & 4.




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