How to Become a Community Service Volunteer

Everyone can become a community service volunteer. But if you have never been involved in volunteering before, you are recommended to answer the questions below. They will help you determine which organisation suits you best and which volunteer role is most appropriate for you.

Do you want to give back to the community? Meet new people or make new friends? Develop new skills and gain new experience? Answering this questions will help you decide which volunteering opportunities are right for you and where you can help the most.

Do you feel strongly about the environment? Want to make a hospital stay more enjoyable for the patients? Would you like to help abandoned and unwanted animals? Consider you interests because it is of utmost importance to feel comfortable with your volunteer role. For example if you are not good with people, you probably will not feel comfortable raising funds from door to door. And in this case, you probably will not raise as much money as someone who enjoys working with people.

Volunteering is also about developing new skills and knowledge but it is a lot easier to start working in an area you are good at. Ask yourself are you good with people? Animals? Numbers? Are you better in writing than speaking?

An hour a day may not seem much but start slowly, especially if you have a busy schedule. Many people will be relying on you, so begin with an hour or two per week rather than two hours a day. You can always step in if you have extra time. Stepping out, on the other hand, is not that easy because most organisations do not have enough volunteers to be able to find a replacement in a matter of hours.

If you have a physical disability, mental condition or are recovering from an addiction, you may need an additional support and guidance to carry out specific tasks. Most charity and voluntary organisations will appreciate your help but please keep in mind that you may not be able to participate in all their programmes and projects.

If not, you may need to limit your volunteering work to specific projects that either take place near your home or include organised transportation.

Finding a Voluntary Organisation

The Internet is a good place to start looking for a voluntary organisation. Many have their own websites where you can find out all about how to join them and how to help. But you can also turn directly to your local charity, environmental group, church, or hospital and ask them if they need volunteers.