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Community Partners Network - Case Studies

Volunteer Audits

As part of the HEACF requirements, universities have been encouraged to find out the level of volunteering that staff and students have been involved in. CSV is offering a unique service that enables you to audit this activity as well as survey opinion about the types of voluntary activity that staff and students would like the university to provide.


Learning Together

CSV Learning Together is a nationwide programme of student tutoring aimed at raising the aspirations and achievements of young people.

University and college students volunteer to work alongside teachers for up to 20 weeks, helping pupils with their studies, acting as positive role models and encouraging them to move on to further and higher education.


Extended Evaluations

Need an evaluation of your HEACF Project?

With the Active Community Fund approaching the end of its first three years and a further two year programme commencing in September 2004 now might be a good time to evaluate what you have achieved and what your priorities might be for the future.

Using questionnaires and one-to-one interviews our evaluation will help you establish which of your projects worked well, which worked less well and consider which might continue and merit further funding.



"Mentoring is a one-to-one, non-judgemental relationship in which an individual mentor voluntarily gives time to support and encourage another." (Active Community Unit definition on mentoring). In this context the mentor will be a university student or staff member with knowledge, skills and experience that they are willing to share with a student in school or Further Education.






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