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This list indicates a number of initiatives that drive school-community partnerships in the context of citizenship education (albeit not exclusively). Whilst it is not a complete list, it provides a comprehensive overview of both local and national government strategies, priorities and sources of funding () that encourage partnership working. Many of these initiatives interlink or are part of a larger framework, and this has been indicated where appropriate. In addition, links to where further information can be obtained are provided.

Type of Project



Advocacy and Raising Awareness
(e.g. carry out a promotional campaign or hold an assembly)

Sunrise Centre Project

Big Deal multi-media project

Indirect Service/Research
(e.g. create/change a school policy or undertake research
for an organisation)

Groundwork Consultation

Street Talk magazine and website

Direct Service
(e.g. renovate or tidy up an area)

Princes Trust Volunteers Community Project

Africa Challenge

Democratic Participation

MP's Question Time

Youth Forum Sex and Relationship Education consultation


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