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The All Change Project

By focusing in on a community, this feature aims to provide a real insight into the nature of education-community partnerships and how they interlink. It also demonstrates how community partners can successfully contribute to teaching and learning, by strengthening the community and building democracy. Not only will it be of great use to educational professionals within the area, it is hoped that LEA Advisers, senior managers and others will be able to draw on the initiatives, models and projects shown to enable them to replicate the work in their own communities.

The first community in focus is Barking & Dagenham. We plan to map education-community partnerships in a number of areas over the forthcoming months so remember to keep coming back.

How does it fit together?


Lists, links and descriptions of local and national initiatives that drive community partnerships within citizenship education. Many of these are national and can therefore be accessed in your area.

1. Initiatives


What are the ways in which community partners come together to support Citizenship? These are descriptions of partnerships set up in response to initiatives that will contribute to the setting up of projects.

2. Partnership Models


Replicable projects and events, based on community partnerships.

3. Project Examples


What are the ways in which community partnerships are evaluated?

4. Evaluations

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