About Community Service Volunteering in London

Many people associate volunteering with distributing food at the shelters and food banks. Volunteering, however, is much more than just helping people who have found themselves on the street or financial difficulties. Charity and voluntary organisations are specialised in a wide range of services to the community including support to seniors and their caregivers, work with disadvantaged children, promoting arts, conserving the environment and much, much more. Volunteer roles range from working with people to taking care of administrative chores and organising fund raising events.

Making a Difference

Everyone can become a volunteer and make a difference, even children and seniors. And if you think that you are too busy to be able to help those in need, you are wrong. An hour or two per week can make a big difference in other people’s lives and help your community become stronger. By helping one person from your local community, you are not only helping that one individual but the community as a whole.

Getting Involved

If you do not have any experience with volunteering, getting involved may not be easy. Where to volunteer? What volunteer role suits you best? How will volunteering fit into your schedule? What if you will not feel comfortable with your volunteer role? These are only a few of many questions that probably run through your mind. It is how many people feel before they finally decide to join the many London volunteers who are making this city a better place every day. We have therefore decided to create this website and hopefully, answer any questions you may have about volunteering.

We will take a closer look at:

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